Slowing down

I’m a doer, a mover, a shaker. I like to be on the move, and I like to be busy. Lists are comforting for me, and completing the tasks on my list (and consequently slashing lines through the corresponding items on my list) gives me a feeling of accomplishment. ¬†Organizing and managing my time are strengths, and I like to pack it all in when it comes to errands, chores, and making things “just so”.

Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy quiet time at home and home is certainly my respite from the busy world (I am an only child who likes my space, after all!). But I’m happy to be out and about as well.

Over the last few years since having my first child, I’ve realized that my on-the-move mentality doesn’t always match what is best for our family. My oldest child is totally content to stay home – playing outside or inside – all day. When it comes to running errands, he’s more and more difficult to cajole into coming with me. My younger child is generally along for the ride, and happy to join any excursion so long as “snacks” are involved. ¬†However, as he approaches his second birthday, “No!” is more often his response to ANY question, including conversations about running errands.

Today, with no school for my older child due to parent-teacher conferences, we stayed home most of the day. There were plenty of errands that needed to be done, but we decided that voting and a quick trip to the playground were all the outings we wanted to tackle today. We played and played – car dealership, pirate ship, “football guys”, hockey, Perler Beads, police officer…. I could go on!). The kids went to bed happy and snug in their beds, and I reminded myself that there are plenty more days to get the items on my list crossed off.